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  • I am pleased that I have been able to collaborate with top experts to solve all challenges from so many different Customers. I have seen the company develop from generation to generation. It has been great to work in this trustworthy company together with such a professional team and knowledgeable people. If you are seeking for variety in projects and challenges - Prohoc is the place to be.

    Jari Ojanen

    Site Manager

  • In my time working at Prohoc, I have learned new skills, advanced in my career, and evolved as a professional in my field. Prohoc invests considerably in managerial work and employee well-being. As a team lead, I do my best to guide and support my team members. I want to ensure people enjoy working for us.

    Hermanni Halonen

    Team Lead, Maintenance Electrician

  • I have a constant urge to learn something new and be involved in many areas. It’s marvellous to see when certain issues develop. My academic background and work experience are valuable to succeeding in this role. I have received an incredible amount of support from management and my colleagues. The most significant advice has been to do my job in my own style and not be too afraid to make decisions.

    Nita Päivärinta

    Quality & Sustainability Lead

  • I have seen quite a few countries and cultures and visited some pretty special places. It may be the very best thing about my work. I’ve worked at various worksites such as power plants, copper and titanium works, container cranes and boiler units. My duties include electric installations, instrumentation and deployment. As my responsibilities have expanded, I’ve been able to prove that I can handle them.

    Heikki Kaltola

    Electrical Supervisor

  • It is great that with Prohoc I have been able to work in assignments around the world. Engineering is intriguing, it includes office work but also practical duty, such as when installing and commissioning machines. My motivation is high when the technology is ready for start-up. It is satisfying when you see that the installation personnel have succeed at their duties and I have been able to positively influence it.

    Tuomo Lekkerimäki

    Site Manager/Installation Supervisor

  • In my duties it is crucial to be in constant contact with diverse stakeholders like the project managers, operators and maintenance managers. My interest in engineering continues, even though, I have been working over 20 years in the industry. I prefer varying tasks and my goal is to ensure that the site develops as planned. The day has been successful if the end of the day everyone can go home safely.

    Jarmo Tuohimaa

    Electrical Supervisor/Commissioning Engineer

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Care amplifies growth

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